Summer of Support

Vance Frenzel Environment Science and Pre-Med major at WWU

Vance Frenzel wanted to do more with his summer than hang out on the beach. As a Western student finishing up his degree in Environment Science and Pre-Med, Vance chose to volunteer at the Sean Humphrey House. The personalized care provided to residents gave Vance a unique perspective on working with and treating individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

While there are a limited number of residents that Sean Humphrey House can support, Vance said it makes a huge difference to the livelihood of each person who lives there. “Sean Humphrey House is not like a traditional care facility,” said Vance. “Everybody knows each other.” He described walking into the House is like walking into someone’s living room.

Vance noted the importance of a community service organization like Sean Humphrey House that provides individuals access to the care and services they need. “We are helping people get back on their feet,” he said. Through volunteering Vance has helped around the house, at events, and with resident activities. “There’s something new every day,” he added.

From his previous experiences shadowing a HIV/AIDS doctor, and his time spent with the residents of the Sean Humphrey House, Vance plans to pursue a medical degree and specialize in treatment or research for HIV/AIDS. “There’s a lot of need for doctors in this field,” Vance said. “It’s fulfilling to treat people who need your help.”

One of the biggest needs the house has is for dinner volunteers. “Do it,” said Vance. “It takes a lot of people to keep the house running all the time.” If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please complete the interest form or contact us directly.

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