Mission & Commitment

Sean Humphrey House is changing, improving, and extending lives by offering safe and affordable housing, and basic needs assistance, to our residents. In 2021 we provided 2,109 bed nights; 9,210 courses of medication; and 6,297 complete meals. By establishing and sustaining trust relationships, we help our residents work through personal challenges with chronic illness, mental disorders, and emotional discomfort.

Our residents demonstrate motivation and perseverance as they strive to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS and optimize their quality of life. Our residents need and appreciate the support they receive from family, friends, staff, volunteers and the Bellingham-Whatcom community. We invite you to visit Sean Humphrey House to see your support in action.

Elizabeth Page
Executive Director


Sean Humphrey House seeks to optimize the quality of life for low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS, who may also suffer from other diseases and disabilities, and who are unable to live independently.

Sean Humphrey House provides residence, meals, medication management services, medical supervision, recreational activities and other supportive services to persons living with HIV/AIDS and who also may suffer from other diseases, mental illness, substance abuse, and/or developmental disabilities.


Sean Humphrey House stands as a catalyst for expanding the choices that enhance the lives of persons living with HIV/AIDS. We work to ensure that their housing is safe, comfortable and affordable, and that services are accessible that improve the quality of their lives. We endeavor to help our residents feel safe in, and supported by, their community so they can have a voice in the issues that impact their lives.

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Our caregivers and management team provide 24-hour care services. We help our residents extend, enhance and enjoy their lives.

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