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Sean Humphrey House - Directors

Brady Robb - Board Member


Brady Robb, CFMP

The Myers Group, LLC

I support SHH because the mission is near and dear to my heart. My uncle passed away in the early 1990’s due to complications related to AIDS after moving back from San Francisco where he worked as a dentist. I never got to know him well and although my memories of him are brief and vague, they are special to me. He passed at Bailey Boushay in 1993. Royden did not have a memorial service of any sort nor an obituary in the local newspaper because of the shame/stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in a small, conservative farming town. SHH provides exactly that – compassion. Nobody should be alone in dark days, plain and simple. Recent advances in retroviral therapy and preventative measures like PrEP give me hope but cannot bring back those who suffered and passed like my Uncle Royden. My work at SHH is in a way a tribute to the uncle and role model I never got the chance to know. SHH provides compassion for low income individuals who likely have nowhere else to turn and betters the quality of life for residents. My goal for residents is to ensure that not just their basic needs are met (thinking Maslow here), but that residents feel safe, have a sense of belonging and feel loved, and a heightened self-esteem. My goal for the House itself in the future is to endure, even if our mission creeps – it’s inevitable that one day our focus will change. As long as we remember Sean’s words “…who don’t have what we have…family, medical insurance, friends and adequate finances,” I believe we will endure and continue to have a purpose, even when cure is found.

Vice President, Secretary

Catherine O’Keefe, MBA, BSN, RN

VA Puget Sound Health Care System,  Seattle Division

Catherine is the Manager, Medical Intensive Care Unit at VA Puget Sound Health Care System,  Seattle Division. She is a 26-year RN with experience in a variety of acute care units. Catherine has 15 years progressive management experience in healthcare. She currently leads and manages a staff of 150 health care professionals. Her management philosophy follows the Servant Leadership Model, it is her goal to ensure that her staff consistently have everything they need to provide safe and high-quality care to patients and families, and that their work though sometimes challenging, is always meaningful and rewarding. Catherine dedicates her time, skills and commitment to helping Sean Humphrey House be a leader in HIV/AIDS care and services.
Roxanne Piece - Board Member


Roxanne Pierce


Roxanne was born and raised in Alaska. She has worked for the American Red Cross since 1998. Roxanne has a daughter who is a Registered Nurse that works in Neonatal Care, and a son who works for Len Honcoop Gravel in Lynden. Roxanne has volunteered at Sean Humphrey House since 2007. She joined the Board of Directors in 2016. She currently volunteers with the Bellingham Theatre Guild, Blood Works NW, and Whatcom Humane Society. Her recreational and social interests include movies, theatre, music, travel, kayaking, and walking.

Board Member

Willie Broxton

WECU, Bellingham, WA

Welcome to our newest Board Member! Since I was young I have wanted to be as compassionate as possible. This dream as a child was propelled into existence when being notified of mental illness in my family. This grew into a strong interest in psychology, and with a diagnosis of a mental illness in my family, it has increased my drive and motivation to become more knowledgeable about the topic. In 2021 I obtained a Bachelor of Arts (College of Humanities and Social Sciences). I have goals to create a loving community inviting of everyone.

Executive Director

Elizabeth Page, MBA

Sean Humphrey House

I grew up in the era when AIDS was the most frightening thing we heard about at school. When I hit college, I remember how frightening the specter of AIDS was to my friends in the gay community, and the immediacy of knowing people who died of the disease became overwhelmingly real. Sean Humphrey’s mother, Karen, became a friend and mentor to me after her son had passed away and she had founded the house according to his wishes. Karen’s commitment as a mother who lost her child, and who worked the rest of her life to honor his memory and his wish to look after those without the family and support he had, touches my heart. Safe housing continues to be an issue that impacts people with HIV/AIDS who have nowhere else to go. Our founding mission continues to guide our work today, and that is to do what we can to help low-income individuals with HIV/AIDS be safe in a home environment, with the care and assistance they need to live happy and comfortable lives. Over the years, and in spite of legislative and funding challenges, staffing changes, and the changing face of HIV/AIDS, we have survived and honed our housing model to be better every year. It would be amazing if Sean Humphrey House could keep growing that vision to help even more of the people in our community (who we know are out there) to find a safe home. It’s such a basic need, a home and a sense of being a part of a community that cares about you. I’m thankful every day for our amazing staff and volunteers, and the vision which drives our commitment to provide that for our residents.

Sean Humphrey House - Staff Members

Office Assistant

Jamie Hensley

Sean Humphrey House

I’m interning through a community jobs program. I was given job placement options in Bellingham. When I looked into Sean Humphrey House, I knew this is the place I wanted to be a part of. I’ve lost an uncle and my best friend, Lance, to AIDS in past years. I wanted to help in any capacity for someone living with HIV/AIDS, and helping to raise awareness of it. I have enjoyed working with the caretakers and the office staff, they excel in their duties to care and support the clients. And the residents are funny, caring and friendly people. Besides being at Sean Humphrey House, I spend time with my family. We enjoy going to the beach and exploring the trails when we can. Also, I love reading and watching movies. Along with my daughter, we take care of our dog, Bruno and cat, Killau. All of these things keep my life busy and happy.

House and Activity Assistant

Crystle-Marie Loomos

Sean Humphrey House

As a long-time resident of Whatcom County and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know how much it means to have a place like this in our area. With my BA from the Human Services program at WWU, I plan to utilize my skills in helping plan activities and grow relationships with the lovely residents and staff of the house. Some of my favorite things to do at work is walk the dogs, Sitka and Daisy, bake treats for the residents when I can, play cards and do other one-to-one activities with the residents. When I’m not at work, you can find me making art, cooking for my family and friends and finding other ways to help the community.
Stephanie Everidge - LPN

Resident Care Coordinator

Stephanie Everidge, LPN

Sean Humphrey House

Stephanie has 35 years of nursing experience in long term care; including 5 years as nurse at an Adult Family Home. Previous she worked as a Psychiatric Aide/Medication Specialist, Direct Care Nurse for children with developmental disabilities, adolescents with behavioral problems, and adults with mental disorders. Stephanie accepted her position at Sean Humphrey House “… to enrich my personal life by meeting new challenges in my professional life.” Residents and coworkers appreciate her positive attitude.

Operations & Facilities Manager; Marketing & Design

Kristi Nason

G&K Enterprise; Moments by Kristi

My involvement with Sean Humphrey House started in the late 90s, providing support with events and graphic design. The mission to provide a home and safe community for people with HIV/AIDS, and to support our LGBTQ+ community, continues to be a cause I’m grateful to give my energy to. Of all the responsibilities my current role entails, caring for our caregiving staff and empowering them to take the best care of our residents is impactful and rewarding every day.

Caregivers, LPN and Leadership Staff

Our Team

Sean Humphrey House

Thank You Group Health Foundation!

Thanks to the sponsorship of Group Health Foundation, Sean Humphrey House’s staff and partners participated in a retreat to plan for a community campaign and the opening of an additional adult family home facility in 2022.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Group Health Foundation, Sean Humphrey House’s staff and partners participated in a retreat to plan for a community campaign and the opening of an additional adult family home facility in 2022.