Healthcare &
Physical Care

Our residents are supported with daily medical management, medication oversight by trained professionals, hygiene and nutritional care, and emotional support.

At Sean Humphrey House, we provide needed medication and care they would otherwise not have access to.

24-Hour Care

Intensive support, friendly, timely, appropriate assistance at any hour of the day.

Individualized Care Plan

Each resident receives treatment and care individualized to them and based on their health needs.

Medical Supervision

Medical Supervision is provided by residents’ primary care provider and medical specialists providing treatment. Medical services at Sean Humphrey House are supervised by a Resident Care Coordinator who consults with designated physicians and ARNPs.

Nutritional Guidance

Residents receive nutritional information that helps motivate them to incorporate healthy habits into their lives. Individualized nutritional care addresses residents’ needs and concerns and promotes healthy living.

Personal Care Assistance

Personalized Care Assistance includes, but is not limited to, medication management, blood pressure checks, personal hygiene and grooming assistance, dressing and clothing selection, hair care provided by a licensed barber, continence management, laundry and linen services, help with walking and transferring, and safety supervision.

Access to Rehabilitation

Consultations with Rehabilitation Specialists, appointment scheduling, and transportation to rehab appointments enables residents with disabilities to become more independent through supporting their full physical, mental, emotional and social needs.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities, on site and in the community, are used to promote residents’ rehabilitation, independence, health and wellness. Recreational activities are catered to the resident’s interests and may include arts and crafts, music, sports, and community integration field trips.

Donation In Action

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The support of individuals like you at any level and contribution from our community are critical to our commitment to providing a safe haven and chance at renewed life for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Qualifications for Residency

  • Low or no income
  • Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS
  • Unable to live independently

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