Community &
Emotional Care

Sean Humphrey House optimizes the quality of life for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. We facilitate a resident’s self-sufficiency and personal growth by assisting them in all facets of healthy living. We are a community and program committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion in order to provide comfortable living situations for all residents.

Recreational activities, on site and in the community, are used to promote residents’ rehabilitation, independence, health and wellness. Recreational activities are catered to the resident’s interests and may include arts and crafts, music, sports, and community integration field trips.

At Sean Humphrey House, our residents are supported with daily medical management, medication oversight by trained professionals, hygiene and nutritional care, and emotional support.

Arts & Music

From crafts to film screenings and cultural outings, we work closely with community partners to provide access to life enriching experiences.


Each resident is encouraged and supported as they venture outside, breath the fresh pacific northwest air and participate in fitness or physical activities.


Integration into our community is critical to the success and well being of each resident. We coordinate community outings and experiences for the residents on a regular basis. 

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The support of individuals like you at any level and contribution from our community are critical to our commitment to providing a safe haven and chance at renewed life for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Group of Residents and Staff

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Consider making a tax deductible contribution. Every dollar goes to providing our residents with the special care and services for living their fullest life.

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