I have quite an array of professional experience. I had somewhat wavered in my career as my education was based in business administration and I couldn’t quite find my place. I worked in a variety of administrative roles and more recently patient care positions. I decided to move in the direction of my heart, toward a career in nursing. I genuinely love caring for people and to be able to do that in an environment that supports such compassionate care like the Sean Humphrey House, is the ideal place for me.

My direct patient care experience includes many different positions, from clinic associate where I performed phlebotomy and ran lab tests, to care coordination in a fertility clinic,  and then a CNA here in Bellingham. Beyond providing diligent and organized care, the thing that always remains as my strong suite is that I take pride in providing the utmost care and kindness in whatever scenario I find myself in with a patient, including providing a listening ear to a lonely resident when they need it the most.